Ron Hourigan's V8 Midget

Ron has sent details of his V8 Midget project for us all to marvel at!

I"m 72 years old and have been a MGB lover for 40 years and owned 10 of them. I'm also a retired Corporate jet pilot having been racing Fords for 40 years of late model stock cars. I always had in the back of my mind putting a small block Ford engine and driveline in a MGB having seen many with the aluminum Rover V8. I started looking for a solid MGB but for years could not find one not severely rusted other than cars that were too nice as originals to use. Then I happen to run across a MG Midget in a salvage yard that was being salvaged which came from Arizona with 40,000 miles but had been bought for salvage because the owner had died before surrendering the title and it could not be bought or sold in Indiana without the Arizona title having a notarized owner signature. long story short, it took me 3 years to find a next of kin willing to do the paperwork for a legal title in Indiana. 

Then, as I was looking into the MGV8 websites I realized that Nobody had ever tried to V8 a Midget that I could find....? Now I was really excited about the Midget project maybe being a One Of...! I now am starting my 4th year of the project and scheduled for the upholstery shop the end of this month. I have a complete picture documentary of the project if you were to be interested but here are a few.

The engine is a 400hp 5.0 Ford with Aluminium heads, Edelbrock dual quads, C4 Automatic Transmission, Ford Explorer 8.8 rear end 3.70 gear tracLock, Mustang II front suspension with P/S Rack, and 4 wheel disc brakes.

Thanks for the Interest and if there are any other MG Midget V8 conversions I would love to see or hear about them..!

Ron Hourigan  

Redneck Ron Hourigan

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